Pharmacy Inventory and Financial Management System

A comprehensive warehouse inventory management and reporting system for the Duhok General Directorate of Health Pharmacy Deparment, Azadi Hospital.

This system has been completed and is awaiting implementation at the Central Pharmacy as well as the pharmacy.

Each user of the system is allowed different functionalities and access rights based on their work location and work role. Roles and their associated system functionality include:

  1. Receiving / Returns

    Data entry of items received from governmental warehouses and local suppliers, as well as returns.

  2. Distribution / Returns

    Data entry of items distributed to pharmacies and drug warehouses within governmental health institutions, as well as returns.

  3. Destructions

    Finding and marking items for destruction based on expiration dates

  4. Consumption Statistics

    Periodic generation of consumption reports per facilities receiving items and data entry of the results, showing monthly consumption rate per facility and for each items

  5. Admin

    Creation of system code values (e.g. generic and trade names, drug categorization, manufacturers, dispense and package units, etc.)
    Printing and download of report results in Excel
    Viewing and printing of management summary reports
    Viewing of audit history

  6. Manager

    Data from the warehouse system will be uploaded to a secure place on the internet on a periodic basis to allow for system reports and activities to be seen on-line by those with special permission.

Each user will have ability to search and view current and previous data in the system based on their permission level. Any changes made will be recorded with the user id and the time of the change.

Other features of the system include:

  • Current data and complete history of inventory movements, easily filterable and searchable
  • System alerts for time sensitive information, such as inventory levels and near expiration dates
  • Automatic scheduled (e.g. daily or hourly) system data backup and easy recovery of data
  • Easy system enhancements
  • No additional requirement besides Firefox web browser on client desktop 

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